A Kid’s-Eye View of Jazz Fest

jazz fest kids nicola tufaro

We have a very special guest writer this week from the 3rd Grade at Hynes School. Veteran Fest-er, Nicola Tufaro, shares her tips for enjoying Jazz Fest 2016!



1. You can’t go to Jazz Fest without Mango Freeze. It is the yummiest mango on Earth! So you better get it before it runs out!
2. You are going to be dancing, what are you going to wear? Girls should wear little dresses or a tank top and a skirt. Boys should wear a short sleeved shirt and shorts that don’t get dirty.
3. Are you just going to just stand around doing nothing? NO! You have to at least walk around a bit! But most of all, you have to dance. Move your body around, have some fun!
4. Listen to the music! Is this a song you know? Don’t just stand there though, sing it like you mean it! This is a very fun activity to do.
5. You like all the activities but seems like it’s time for something else. You are looking around and you see a tent full of children. It is the Children’s Tent! You go inside the tent and you see all sorts of arts and crafts like painting, drawing, and glueing. This is also a very fun activity to do.

Nicola has been attending Jazz Fest and other New Orleans festivals every season since 2007. She enjoys math & writing, the monkey bars, and going to the beach. She is currently reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.