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Digital marketing isn’t a beginner level game anymore! To make your business shine online and bring in new clientele (without spending all of your coins!) you need to be strategic. We can help you find the best way to target your customers online with a five-step approach.

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Online Presence Audit

We dig deep into your current online presence (your website, analytics, social media, press, online listings, you name it) to see what’s working for you, and what needs improvement. We’ll identify key digital markets to focus on so you don’t need to waste time with the stuff that isn’t working.

Industry Analysis

It’s not just your digital presence that gets the audit-treatment; we dig into your competition too. Choose four competitors and we’ll identify what is working in the industry as a whole, and how you can stand tall in the winners circle.

Customer Personas

Reach your clients where they’re actually hanging out online. We’ll work with you to identify key clients or referral partners and break it down so you’ll know exactly how to connect with them. Want to get a head start? Use our handy customer persona worksheet.

Keyword Report

Do you know what your clients are searching for online? You may be surprised… Our keyword report shines a light on the search terms that people are actually using when looking to buy your products or services. Armed with this info, you can answer their exact questions with your websites or digital ads, and send more traffic to your website.


We combine everything we’ve learned into a strategy document for the next three months. We’ll define what you need to do and when so there’s no guessing what goes on the blog this week. You can either hire us to implement the plan or do it yourself.

Beginning with a strategy session, we help to guide your marketing efforts from the get-go.

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